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Refinancing Benefits

Refinancing can be the perfect tool in any homeowners’ arsenal.

Ideal for:

  • Ideal for:
    • Clients who are thinking about purchasing another property with the equity built up in their primary residence. This removes the hassle of 2 mortgage payments.
    • Clients who want to use the equity in their home to pay off debt, do home improvements, or start investments.
    • Clients who have a higher rate or payment and are interested in extending their term or lowering their rate for a lower monthly obligation.

Loan Programs:

    • Traditional
      • Conventional
      • VA
      • FHA
      • Jumbos
    • Non-Traditional Financing: Ideal for self-employed borrowers, investors, and borrowers who have irregular or do not meet traditional documentation requirements.
      • 1099 Loans
      • W2 Only Loans
      • 1 Year Tax Return Loans
      • 3/6/9/12/24 Month Bank Statement Loans
      • P&L Loans
      • Asset Only Loans
      • Hard Money Loans
      • Loan Goat’s exclusive NO DOC LOAN
      • EZ Prime Loans
      • Foreign National Loans
      • Investor Loans
      • Piggyback Second Lien Loans

“I worked with Milad for my refinancing and long story short, he is amazing! He was very informative and answered all my questions. He provided me multiple options and explained each one no matter how many questions I asked or scenarios I gave. He was very quick and kept everything moving as smooth as possible. Amazing work, highly recommend. Don’t hesitate, message them and they’ll surprise you.”

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